Friday, 15 March 2013

Date night

Hi Lovelies!

Tonight is date night! Yay! I found this Forever 21 dress adorable but did not want to look too girly so i paired it with a leather jacket and some spiky accessories. Enjoy your week-end!


Salut les Beautés!

Ce soir j'ai droit à une date! Yay! J'ai déniché cette adorable robe chez Forever 21 mais ne voulant pas avoir l'air trop petite fille je l'ai agencé avec un manteau de cuir et des accessoires "spiky". Bon week-end!

- Meve xo

Monday, 11 March 2013

Color Me Rad - 5K

Hi Lovelies,

I am beyond thrilled that I registered for the Color me Rad race happening in Montreal next June. As I have been pretty sick lately, I wanted to get back on track, eat healthy and train as much as I can. I saw in the color me rad a good opportunity to at least go to the gym until june having in mind I will have to run 5k. I recruited my friends and I am super excited they agreed to come along for the ride.! Being healthy and in shape is very important and I have been making lots of efforts for the past few weeks! If you would like to join our awesome team "Crazy Bananas" feel free to message me! :) We are running for our health but also profits of the race go out to charities in our community! 


Salut les beautés!

Je suis super super excitée car je me suis inscrite à la course Color Me Rad à Montreal en juin prochain. J'ai été plutôt malade dernièrement et j'ai décidé de me reprendre en main, de me remettre en forme et surtout de bien manger. J'ai aussi vu en la course une très belle forme de motivation puisque je dois courir 5k en juin! Je suis très heureuse que mes amis embarquent et nous allons avoir beaucoup de plaisir! Si tu veux te joindre à notre amusante équipes les "Crazy Bananas", écris moi et le plaisir est garanti! Nous allons courir pour notre santé mais les profits de la course vont dans des organismes de notre région!

Color Me Rad    - <3

Having fashionably training gear is also a great motivation! ;)

- Meve xo

Friday, 8 March 2013

Beauty: e.l.f. review : Lips edition!

Hi Lovelies!

Hope all is well and that you are not drained down by this sad weather. On a happy note, all the Spring 13 collection are out in stores so it makes me happy!

This is my lip edition of my e.l.f. haul, they have quite a lot of products and I would love to hear your feedback so I know what colors to try next! :)

Have a nice day!


Les beautés!

J'espère que cette température ne vous démoralise pas trop! D'un autre côté, les collections Printemps 2013 sont sorties en magasin ce qui illumine mes journées un petit peu!

Voici mes commentaires sur les produits pour les lèvres e.l.f. que j'ai acheté récemment. J'aimerais beaucoup vos commentaires afin de savoir quelle couleur essayer la prochaine fois que je commande! :)

- Meve xo


e.l.f. Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick - $2.00

From left to right: 1. Pink Umbrellas // 2. Flirty & Girly // 3. Tiki Torches
From left to right: 1. Pink Umbrellas // 2. Flirty & Girly // 3. Tiki Torches

From left to right: 1. Pink Umbrellas // 2. Flirty & Girly // 3. Tiki Torches

To show you how much product there is in a stick! 


  • Glides on very well
  • Smell and taste (not that i eat it!) good
  • Quite a lot of product for the price
  • Of course the price here is a plus as well
  • Very pigmented

  • Colors not true to what shown on website
  • too shimmery for my taste (Tiki torches + Flirty & Girly)
  •  Does not last long, I simply reapply

Colors I would like to try next:
  • Movie Star
  • Sangria Starter

Overall: Nice product! 

From left to right: 1. Natural // 2. Rich Red

From left to right: 1. Natural // 2. Rich Red
From left to right: 1. Natural // 2. Rich Red

  • Matte effect is very nice
  • Easy to apply
  • Hydrating 
  • Very pigmented
  • Colors true to web site
  • Packaging is very nice

  • One of the lipstick broke right away
  • Wish there were a bigger selection of colors

Colors I want to try next: 
  • Tea Rose
  • Coral

Overall: The red is one of my fave lipstick ever!

  • Tastes awesome!
  • Really exfoliate! 
  • Very hydrating

  • None!

Overall: Very suprisingly happy! My fave! 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Beauty: e.l.f haul! Reviews - Tools edition

Hi Lovelies!

I am sorry I haven't been posting a lot lately. I have been really busy but I organized a schedule that will help me keep some time for blogging. I really enjoy it, I really need to make some time for it!

I ordered a few products from the e.l.f. cosmetics line and I wanted to review them with you. I hope you've already heard of the line as its pretty much all over the blogosphere, but if you haven't take a look here  as it is very well worth it! Cosmetics for $1, yes yes for me!! It was my first time ordering and I must say I am pretty satisfied by most of my products!

Hope you enjoy this review,
Please note I will be doing it in 4 parts which will be the Tools edition, the Lips edition, the Eyes edition, and the Blush & Foundation edition. Stay tuned!!


Les beautés!

Je suis désolé pour mon absence, je n'ai aucune excuses! J'ai finalement organiser un horaire qui me permet de me garder du temps pour blogger car c'est très important pour moi!

Dernièrement, j'ai commander plusieurs produits de la ligne de cosmétique e.l.f. et j'aimerais vous faire part de mes commentaires. Si tu es une amateur de maquillage tout comme moi, tu as surement déjà entendu de leur produits, sinon clique ici pour les connaître! Ça en vaut vraiment la peine! Des cosmétiques à 1$, oui oui! C'était la première fois que je commandais leurs produits et je suis plutôt satisfaite!

Prenez note que mes commentaires se feront en 4 parties, soit  les outils, le maquillage pour les lèvres, ensuite pour les yeux et finalement les fonds de teints et poudre de visage!


The overall order
Please note I ordered from Canada


  • Came in really really fast
  • Really easy to order, even if you close you page by mistake, your shopping cart remains.
  • No extras fees for Canadian orders over $20, even if the site says so.
  • Shipping is quite expensive if you do not have a promo code. 
  • Even with a promo code for free shipping, Canadian shipping remains
  • You never really know if you will get duty fees with your order, as this is what it says on the web site.

Overall :  Really happy!

The Tools

The 11 piece brush collection  - $45 on sale $30


  • The price! On sale for $30!
  • The variety of the brushes
  • The quality overall is quite great
  • The look is sleek
  • The hair do not fall off. (now let's see how long that lasts!)
  • Comes with a handout on how to use each brush! (Very useful for me)
  • The bag that they come in is very cheap. 
Overall: Great product, must try! 

Eyelash curler

  • Best curler I ever tried!
  • The price!!
  • Comes with a extra pad as well
  • Seems as it won't brake
  • None so far!
Overall: Great product! Must try!